Being Human


The bank of the far shore is beautiful, but the turbulent river hides all but a few stepping stones. Courage. More will appear as you move.Ed Dowding, 18 June 2013

In the film Arrival, the aliens basically see time as another dimension – there are no surprises for them since they see it all laid out in front of them. (Kurt Vonnegut does the same thing with the¬†Tralfamadorians in Slaughterhouse Five.) This is why they can write semasiographically because the whole idea is fully formed and complete already so it is needless to present it linearly as in verbal / written languages. BUT In spite…

After some light experiences with coaching and therapy style conversations, I have 2.5 conclusions: 1. It doesn’t matter much if you’re happy or sad, the key thing is to be doing something worthwhile. If you prioritise happiness, you’re selfish. If you prioritise money, you’re a fool. If you prioritise beneficial impact for others*, you’ll at least have done something worthwhile. * As determined by objective existential threats. 2. The main thing seems to be just…

It turns out there is little more likely to galvanise me to action than a bunch of people doing the intellectual equivalent of moaning about the long toilet queues without actually checking the cubicles. Life timestamp reminder: you’d just listened to Dangerous by Milo Y.¬†