Month: December 2010

First petrol, then energy – now food prices skyrocket

Growing populations, rising affluence in Brazil, Russia, India and China, and crop failures caused by extreme weather have pushed up the prices of wheat, sugar, cotton and many other household staples. So far, bread, breakfast cereals and clothing have become more expensive – but the full effects of the cost of raw materials have not ...


Twixtmas is a brilliant opportunity. A significant part of the population is on holiday and has free quality time to do something. Twixtmas.

The Search for Meaning: Part XIVC

Here’s some fun data from the NEF to play with. We should just move to Norway, Switzerland, or Ireland, really. It just goes to show that mountains and space (not lebensraum) are what a body needs.

Dan & Dan’s Festive WikiLeaks Song

httpv:// Dan and Dan » Blog Archive » Dan & Dan’s Festive WikiLeaks Song.

Round of good things this week

A rather lovely looking place called Old Hall Community which is looking for residents and volunteers, and a sustainability centre based at Llanfyllin Workhouse. A few interesting things in citizen reporting and community action: Help Me Investigate is a place where you can collaborate with other people to investigate things. Who’s Lobbying answers questions for ...

Human Culture through language

A team from Harvard has been studying Google Book’s record of human culture, spanning six centuries and seven languages. It shows vocabularies expanding and grammar evolving. It contains stories about our adoption of technology, our quest for fame, and our battle for equality. And it hides the traces of tragedy, including traces of political suppression, ...

Hi, my name's Ed, and I'm an ENTP

ENTP Credo: “No, let me explain…” ENTP Keywords: Frank, Challenging, Original, Creative, Complex, Expedient, Analytical, Rule-breaker, Questioning, Theoretical, Adventurous, Unconstrained, Intellectually promiscuous via Prelude Consulting via Happy Works – Fun with Wordplay is a daily wordplay game of analogies that fosters abstract and creative thought. And funny as hell, to boot.

I don't do memory, I do action

I don’t do memory, I do action. So whatever I did, I’ve done, but I’m fucked if I know what it was.

Five Ways to Well-being

Five Ways to Well-being | the new economics foundation.

The Good Gym

The Good Gym pairs runners with isolated less-mobile people in their area. Runners jog to their house, deliver something nice, have a brief chat and are on their way again. It helps people get fit by providing a good reason to go for a run and it helps the person being visited by providing them ...

Wikileaks: Website of the knowledge of good and evil

I wonder if this is going to play out as it does in the Bible, wherein power-hungry incumbent with delusions of grandeur (and a penchant for voyeurism) shows true colours, and banishes us from every getting near such founts of knowledge again? Paypal and Amazon have already removed their support for WikiLeaks. God directly forbade ...

I Wish This Was

New Orleans is full of vacant storefronts and people who need things. These stickers are an easy tool to voice what you want where you want it. Fill them out and put them on abandoned buildings and beyond. These stickers are custom vinyl and can be easily removed without damaging property. They’re free and can ...

Neo-Classical elements: Time, money, energy, politics

The world used to be (perceived to be) made up of four elements: Earth, air, fire, and water. A few years back Ollie and I figured all the problems in the world would go away if only we could sort out the energy thing. Not least because if we really nailed it we could just ...

Appropedia: the WikiLeaks of good knowledge

Appropedia: We provide the living resource library of individuals and organizations working towards a sustainable, healthier future, so that efforts can be spent evolving instead of duplicating past efforts.

Merchant Bank that threatened to leave UK ‘just went round corner and waited’ | NewsBiscuit

Merchant Bank that threatened to leave UK ‘just went round corner and waited’ A bank that had insisted it would quit the country over reforms to the financial sector, was found this afternoon, safe and well outside Canon Street Tube Station. Passer-by, Sarah Evans, noticed the bank hovering around the entrance to the District Line, ...