Month: October 2013

The secret truth behind environmentalists’ favourite argument

When environmentalists argue amongst themselves, whether at some formal debate or late at night over a few drinks, I confidently predict that the argument will go like this. Via

Call of Duty.

Here’s fun: Open this link in Google: Read the first definition. Click the big grey arrow at the bottom of the box to show more detail, specifically the ‘usage over time’ graph. Reflect on that a moment.

“Democracy is the best I can think of right now”

For all his greatness, Churchill screwed up when he said “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Firstly, it’s an absolute statement. Like the phrase ‘best practise’ is an absolute statement which says there is and can be no better way of doing something, so this statement about democracy doesn’t ...

Asking the right questions

An article at Youth Policy is saying that the age of effective mass-mobilisation is over. He has a point. It’s a lovely idea and the notion of ‘people-power’ is undoubtedly attractive, but it’s unlikely to work. It is a strategy that does not match the zeitgeist (spirit of our times) of the current age. […] ...

Government ideologically supports nuclear power.

If you happen to be making a list of “Milestones where people made bad decisions which held back Civilisation”, be sure to add this to it. The Government has agreed to pay twice the market rate for nuclear power to please the French builders and Chinese investors. This means that the owners of Hinkley Point ...

This Smart Wheel Makes Cycling in the City a Breeze [VIDEO]

As city planners and green-energy experts endeavor to find new ways to make our commutes more environmentally friendly, the popularity of bicycle-sharing has exploded in some of the world’s biggest cities. Via

Did Madeliene McCann kill 100,00 Syrians and cover up the IPCC report?

Excuse the contentious headline, but contentious headlines grab attention. At least that’s what the press would have us believe. After 6 years of covering Madeliene McCann, the BBC Today programme is discussing if BuzzFeed is irresponsible for distracting people from ‘real news’.