Month: October 2010

Nature's gift: How much is the ecosystem worth?

A great series of articles from the BBC. 1. The full impact of the degradation of the natural world on the global economy – both on business and consumers. 2. The direct costs to businesses, both large and small. 3. The economic benefits of preserving the natural world.

The Future of Money

Key quote? Allow different types of money to compete in the same way that markets compete, to open up new ways of doing business. The Future of Money on Vimeo

What is ZCB30?

3 minute spelt bread

Finite and Infinite Games

Life is an infinite game. We should stop playing it like a finite one. The rules of the finite game may not change; the rules of an infinite game must change. Finite players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries. Finite players are serious; infinite games are playful. A finite player plays to be ...

Is there a word for things which are brilliant exemplars of themselves?

Whatever it is, I’ll bet it will start with id__

How to make a fast buck in the green economy

If you’re involved in one of the below, you’re going to make money in the next 20 years. Anyone care to go on an INSULATE BRITAIN! road trip around the UK? Renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, marine including wave, biogas, and fuel cell) Green buildings (green retrofits for energy and water efficiency, residential and commercial ...

Top Ten Constituents of New Commons Economy

I’ve just come across a fantastic list at the Steady State Revolution blog. I’ve reproduced it in its entirety here since I know lots of people get this feed in RSS readers and email and don’t click links, and because it’s useful for my reference. This would break most copyright laws, were it not very ...


It seems I’m rather late to finding this channel, which I’m really enjoying. I like the format. It’s simple, effective, and makes me want a brother. A geek brother. I also like the idea of a catchy song to disseminate an idea… *mulls* [UPDATE: The player below doesn’t work for some reason so try] ...

Turn over a New Leaf


A great story, but more importantly a really interesting one.. Stuxnet is a worm (computer virus) which has been designed – by a very good team for about 6 months – to do a very specific job. But what is that job?

Open-Access Public Workshops

OH. MY. WORD! THIS IS BRILLANT! TechShop San Francisco is 15,500 square feet and includes a private parking lot. It will feature all the tools and equipment that members enjoy at other TechShop locations, including: Epilog Helix 60-Watt Laser Cutters Tormach CNC Milling Machines 3D Printer NextEngine 3D Scanner Formech 600 24″ x 24″ Vacuum Forming System ...

Supporting the vitality of the Commons

I mentioned I’m doing a course on the Commons who yesterday asked the question: How can we live and work in a way that supports the vitality of the commons? (It’s only week one, give us a break!) Here’s my reply: I couldn’t agree more with Mary Beth that “as long as we all live under ...

Help fund the Do Lectures by designing a poster

The Do Lectures is here to give talks away *Free to the world. To inspire. To share ideas. To see if there’s a better way of doing stuff. But *Free costs. That’s why we sell tickets to the event, Do an auction and yes, sell posters. The feel for the poster should be: Positive, Inspiring, Uplifting. Message: ...

Change the System, Not the Climate

I came across a marvellous speech as part of a course I’m doing on the Commons. Every now and then in history, the human race takes a collective step forward in its evolution. Such a time is upon us now. […] From the perspective of the environmental movement, I see two problems that hinder us in ...

Invest in green energy

Key facts: 1) You’re doing something brilliant, 2) It’s 7.5% return, 3) You’re locked in for 4 years. EcoBonds from Ecotricity.

Walking across America


Make money from your car when you're not using it

Hire Cars on WhipCar – Local Car Rental, Put Your Car to Work | WhipCar.

Good Guide

GoodGuide is in business to provide authoritative information about the health, environmental and social performance of products and companies. We believe that better information can transform the marketplace: as more consumers buy better products, retailers and manufacturers face compelling incentives to make products that are safe, environmentally sustainable and produced using ethical sourcing of raw ...

Copy and clone

Copy and clone on Vimeo Thanks to DEFRA’s own Lucy Gilliam for putting me on to this.