Speaking events


March: All Things Risk podcast

February: MindChain keynote on the Future of Society


4 Nov: Fourth group / political innovation (video)


8 July : Key ideas for the future of democracy @ Seed Festival

May: Uprooting Democracy at Thought for Food


30 October : Cleantech: The Key Ingredient to a Sustainable Food Supply


9 October : Soil Association Annual Conference @ Westminster Hall – Title TBD

4 August: Cloud Cuckoo Land – “Helping ourselves to more – abundance through community food”

6 July: The Future of Open @ the Open Institute – “Open Food”

3 July: “Food From Here” – Critical perspectives on short food chains in Europe @ The Centre for Agroecology and Food Security

1 June: TEDxOxbridge – “The Great Feast” (transcript)

27 May : with Prince Charles at Langenberg Forum on Sustainable Regional Food Systems  – “How technology will help rewire the food system”

13 March: Connected data at Forum for the future


September: Ignite Cleanweb – “” (video)

August: Sunrise Offgrid – chairing a day on “Small is Beautiful – discussions about local agriculture”