Month: April 2014

Police ask UK Muslim women to keep men at home

A tyrant is in power killing hundreds of thousands of people. The only morally right thing for anyone who is not otherwise more productively occupied is to rush to their assistance. If I were a UK Muslim woman (or any woman, or any man) I’d find it damned hard to make the case that the willing should ...

Remove lead from fuel and violence declines dramatically. Imagine how much more peaceful and healthy the planet would be if we removed fossil fuels from society?

Turkeys will vote for Christmas if it’s advertised to them enough.

Disrupt manifesto

90% ape, 9% human, 1% angel.

We are 90% ape, 9% human, 1% enlightened being. Maybe. If we’re lucky. Our 1% angel conceives the wonder; our 90% monkey wonders how to make it happen. “This is no place to stop, halfway between an ape and an angel” — Benjamin Disraeli.

This is a peaceful blue planet.

This 2 minute history of the world has been doing the rounds recently. There’s an awful lot of attention paid to recent events and big wars there. HG Wells, somewhat upset by WW1, and then WW2, wrote his history of the world not to identify an record periods of way, but to identify and champion ...

A few choice quotes found of late

“Religion and choice of religions is unimportant. The wise will always find wisdom and solace in theirs, and fools will be fools no matter what they believe.” The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John ...

What is social enterprise?

It’s about playing a smarter game, and changing the rules of existing games so that they’re more fun for more people. How about creating and trying new games? We could play “Mostly Football” where you’re allowed to use your hands as much as would allow you to do supercool moves and throw the ball at ...