What Iā€™m doing now

Paying the bills

šŸŒ² Completed a year at Ecosystem Marketplace (17 year old carbon market data reporting charity) doing product innovation and helping them go from 300 spreadsheets and annual reporting to a real-time, self-service business intelligence platform

šŸ’¼ Doing some carbon / tech / innovation consultancy gigs intermittently to pay bills and keep sharp

šŸ“† will have a few extra days per week from March if I can be useful to you / anyone šŸ™‚

Exploring opportunities in..

What’s the infrastructure / power-base of a civic future? ā™»ļø Exploring civic engagement / better data for change (ie Represent v2); šŸŽ² curious about leveraging the power of a lottery to incentivise participation and create local budgets


šŸ• moving around the UK dog-sitting whilst waiting for my Portugal paperwork to happen

Where to find me:

Updated: 26th January 2023