Month: May 2010

Is there a useful time to have money?

I rail against money quite a bit, since the facts suggest that as it is currently structured it has ceased to be the servant of humanity’s needs. So consequently I’m not that fussed about having a lot of it, since why would I want to be part of the problem? But within this reasoning there ...

iPad = Tom Cruise

The iPad is the Tom Cruise of technology. It looks good, does some things well, but is overpriced, unnecessary, and tries to lock you in to an unbelievably crass belief system.

Memento Mori

The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. Ellen Glasgow PS. You’re going to die one day, soon. Bummer, eh?

Kurt Vonnegut

New knowledge is the most valuable commodity on earth. The more truth we have to work with, the richer we become. I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center. All those who ...

French farmers turn Champs-Elysees into huge farm

The Champs-Elysees, has been covered in earth and turned into a huge green space in an event staged by young French farmers. Plants, trees and flowers were brought in by lorry overnight to transform the avenue into a long green strip. More than a million people are expected to visit over the next two days. ...

10 Things I Learned From Meditation

Because I find myself coming back to this question from time to time, here’s a list I came across at Fresh Creation. Thoughts are not reality Focus is important Media influence your view on the world People are good Positive thinking is very powerful Mistakes are good There’s too much stuff Listen to your body Helping ...

Man invents life

One hell of a headline.

The Afghan Conflict – A Map of Possible Scenarios

Wonderful infographic on the future of the Afghan conflict. Have a look at the fullscreen version on their website. The Afghan Conflict – A Map of Possible Scenarios.

How to Grow More Vegetables (than you ever thought possible on less land that you can imagine)

Notes from the book, taken 10-12 Feb 2010. Bed Preparation Good structure and balanced / plentiful nutrients allow for uninterrupted growth First year you do it, allow 1 hour per 1m2 Second year onwards, allow 30 mins per 1m2 Ongoing maintenance is about 1.5 mins per 1m2 Initial Preparation Perform a soil test Soak with ...

Is permaculture economically viable?

There are approx 2.2 million people in Havana and 85% of all food comes from within the city grown on plots, roofs and in community spaces. via Is permaculture economically viable?

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull

Iceland, Eyjafjallajökull – May 1st and 2nd, 2010

World War III – And so it begins…

I remember my geography teacher saying that the next world war would be about water. There have been a few issues already, but as Egypt rejects Nile water agreement I think we can probably see this a key moment in history. Switzerland, which has the largest reserves of fresh water, must be getting nervous. And it ...

Status Anxiety

(recreated from Alain de Botton’s book of the same name)

Earning vs making

Just to be very clear to anyone who makes a lot of money: there is a BIG difference between making money and earning money. There’s nothing wrong with earning lots of money, of course. Just be sure you spend it wisely. Tip: If you get more than £200,000 per year you could probably be running ...

BBC News – New government: Reaction in quotes

Hooray! Listen – you’ve heard my comment, which is one word. It’s the first time you’ve had a one word statement and it is, hooray. And I’ll repeat it. Paddy Ashdown BBC News – New government: Reaction in quotes.

How fast is Google Chrome? (Includes explosions)



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