Month: March 2008

"It's time growth was dethroned as a goal for this country"

Too damned right. Have a listen to Marcus Brigstocke on Post Offices. In comedia veritas.

Marcus Brigstocke on Religion

Just in case you’ve not seen it yet

A more perfect union

More inspirational and wise words from the only politician of my lifetime who I believe in.

I'll bet we won't all get a phone call from Condi

I think you can probably bet your bank details that the following would not happen if your details were breached on the forthcoming UK ID card US Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has said her passport file was improperly accessed by officials at the state department. US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice contacted Mrs Clinton about ...

UK's MI5 Wants Oyster Card Travel Data

Well, well, well… guess what? UK’s MI5 Wants Oyster Card Travel Data

Weather forecasts

I realised today that I doubt the good forecasts but believe the bad ones. That possibly says deep things about my personality.

Allegience to the Queen

Sigh. Another folly masquerading as change. People just do not respond well to being pushed. We take pride in our (country’s) actions where they are noble, moral, well thought through, and demonstrably good. It is the quality of our (government’s / organisations’) daily actions which has the ability to nurture pride within us. This, it ...

How to prepare children for the future?

My answer to this question: The best article I’ve seen on this is, followed closely by another from the IEA arguing for the economic liberatlisation of education and removing it from Government control / state monopoly. It certainly seems very true that innovation in education will come from countries like India and China who ...

Bring about Utopia, by Bertrand Russell

“Our dealings with those whom we love may be safely left to instinct; it is our dealings with those whom we hate that ought to be brought under the dominion of reason. In the modern world, those whom we effevtively hate are distant groups, especially foreign nations. We conceive them abstractly, and deceive ourselves into ...

How to sound more important

When you talk, there are times when you might raise the pitch of your voice to give the word emphasis. Instead, you can sound like an important person in a suit by simply lowering it on the same word. Try it: “I don’t *really* think that’s a good idea” vs “I don’t _really_ think that’s ...

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