Month: June 2008

Book, er, prize?

Here are the books I’ve read in the last few years which have changed my outlook on the world and deepened my emotional capacity: Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card Taught empathy and emotional articulation. The Happiness Hypothesis, by Jonathan Haidt An historically mindful, scientific and socio-psyhcological review of the information relating to ...

Sandra Jordan

Sandra Jordon, the reporter in the Dispatches: Killing Fields documentary (see last post) is my new heroine.

Bloody hell, Israel

I’m a little late watching this, since it’s two years old, but it still applies. Dispatches: The Killing Zone — I strongly recommend you watch it, and then do all you can to restrain yourself sufficiently to direct you anger wisely. I’m… well.. fucking hell. I’m close to Godwin-ing.

Summit findings

After the inaugural Bowel Movement Alpine Summit it was concluded that 1) “Just do it” is about as good as it gets as a motto. (Well done Nike.) 2) That after that, very little needed saying.

Life is great. It really is.

These just bought a tear to my eye. @Jules: “Good old Yellow Pages” – right?

"Look how much bad shit there is going on."

I think the media have a great deal to answer for. Let me explain. There is a great deal of bad news to be reported, that is true. But there always has been, it’s just that we were not aware of it before. We can let the woes of the world hang heavy, or we ...

Read regularly and often

If you’re not subscribed to both of these, you really should be:

Solar power

Enough solar energy falls on the UK in 45 minutes to power its needs for a whole year.


I’ve just listened to 4h of “42 days” debate courtesy of the marvellous BBC. Never truer has the statement been, “Everything has already been said, but not everyone has said it yet.” No one is changing their minds, because the proposers are not open to reason; instead they seem to be solely intent on absolving ...