Month: October 2008

Things to do with my life

In no particular order: Get a base with space. Be fit & healhty. Read more. Paraglide more. Get married, have children. Make the world better. Save the environment. Write a book on better business models. Prepare for Armageddon. Work out how the Californians are so bouncy. Culture the meme that >2 children is socially unacceptable. ...

Nudge: Rational man

I’ve been reading Nudge of late. It’s a book about rational man (doesn’t really exist) vs irrational man (does exist, is us). To demonstrate these points it presents a few examples and mental exercises to show how we should behave vs how we do behave. And in each of these I choose the rational answer. Which is odd, ...

Let's work together for change

A great video from Avaaz about helping America be mindful of its unique and hard-won position in the world:

Happiness Hypothesis

I guess it’s not illegal to link to this if someone else is hosting it: I’ve recommended this book before, and will do again, so take the opportunity to grab the summary whilst you can.

World military spending Wow. That’s bad. The UN has only 2% of the budget of global military expenditure. And that’s the WHOLE UN, not just the peacekeeping part. Now wonder it has a hard time doing its job.

The third way

In addition to a photo of this alarming and somehow still legal poster, there’s a jolly good lecture about capitalism and communism over at Leninology (via Sophie). The lecture is given by Richard Wolff, the Professor of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, so he makes a well reasoned and very self-aware argument. I ...

ID cards

Hopefully the billions pumped into those arseholes banks will make spending billions more on the military industrial complex those other arseholes who are going to make lots of money from ID cards can be curtailed. But just in case you thought the whole ID card card debate had gone quiet, read on at the BBC, ...

Some offers for y'all

Pizza Express – 2for1 on main meals – Click ‘n’ print an online voucher Get 2for1 on main courses at Pizza Express by clicking ‘n’ printing this voucher. Just fill in a few details and then print the voucher that pops up in the next window. It’s valid Sundays to Thursdays, until 19 October 08. ...

uhoh.. at has some com…

uhoh.. at has some competition – spotify is looking pretty cool.

Only 4 rabbits, but still that…

Only 4 rabbits, but still that’s 8 meals for standing around in the sun all day looking at the view. And one snared rat when we got home too

If banks can get billions for …

If banks can get billions for screwing up, I feel I deserve to be awarded a few hundred thousand for behaving myself.

Interactive marketing

I met a chap called Tom Sacchi, a partner at, at a party last night. He has an embossed fucshia business card which brings out the American Psycho in me. I was checking out their website this morning and they’ve done some very neat stuff, and have a great artistic style. I suggest you ...

Damn you all to hell!

Astonishing that in the Financial Crash of 2008, the $700bn = $104 for EVERYONE on the planet. Damn you, unbridled capitalism and dumb systems.

98 months

Only 98 months to go until we’re reach the fork in the road which gives climate change the positive feedback it needs to kills billions of people! 1. Sign this: 2. Watch this:

Tropic Thunder

is hilarious!