Month: December 2008


From Loveninjas are four or five Swedish boys in their mid 20’s with dirty hair and black clothes. They are determined to make love with Japanese girls and then write songs about it. Loveninjas’ songs sound like classic schlagers that have been forced through a dirty indie filter and then had its lyrics replaced ...

"Recession is a test of character" — Gordon Brown

I beg your pardon? What? “Recession is a test of character” I’m sorry WHAT? “Recession is a test of character” Jesus H. Christ, you prick. You get us into this mess by deliberately sinking inflation in house prices to keep the recorded levels low, in order to generate an artificial feeling of economic prosperity; you ...

It's all fucking fucked

As the chaps at Global Dashboard point out, this graph really does not require much comment. It sure as hell requires an explanation though. It’s really enough to make me cry and be thoroughly depressed. The positive side is that we have proved we can get it together to act fast and spend lots of ...


I’ve said for a while now that a lot of graphs have been going exponential for the last 50 years, and we ignore these slow trends at our peril. is a dramatically well illustrated example of how messy things have become.

Damn their twitchy noses!

DNA / Europe rocks the free world!

DNA database ‘breach of rights’ — Two British men should not have had their DNA and fingerprints retained by police, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled.

Monbiot has the answer.

Seriously everyone, what’s stopping this? Are we worried that the implications of destroying the entire world aren’t really large enough to make it worth it?

Peace breaks out

I watched a very good Horizon from 1986 a few nights ago which, whilst not saying anything particularly new (not least because it’s 22 years old..), was a good reminder and layered on one or two details, about cooperation and its biological imperatives. I knew, for example, that tit-for-tat is always the best strategy for ...

Darwin spins again

Life seems to keep favouring everyone who is silly or unlucky, and I’m getting quite upset about it, because I’m smart and lucky and so not getting anything. I deliberately didn’t invest in property because I saw the evident bubble. I sold all my shares in January because this was clearly unsustainable. But it turns ...

If Adam Buxton had written Obama's acceptance speech

2 mins. Funny.