Being Human


There are apparently over 71 different types of gender. Yet we still have just one word for love. I suspect we’d be considerably less confused if there were 71 words for different types of love, and we remembered there’s just one species of human.

Is there a correlation between the adoption curve and IQ (or whatever measure of general intelligence / compassion / connection making etc you choose to use)? If this is true, new services start and seem interesting, but for every subsequent member that joins there is a fall in average IQ for for group. Adoption curve IQ distribution curve

That we’re getting better at not killing each other because of international trade co-dependence is a double edged sword. It brings a certain type of peace, but also eg economic sanctions which keep people incompetent. Peaceful, yes. Prosperous no. Not having citizens protest in the streets because they’re resigned to its futility is peaceful, too. But passive hopelessnesss is not a precursor to prosperity. We need to be careful what we measure. Number of premature…

We are herd animals. We appreciate and value the safety, surplus, and sharing offered by the herd. But that can only happen if we remain as a definable flock – stray too far and we loose the benefits. When we’ve grazed all that can be grazed and some of the weaker ones are getting hungry, the time comes to move on to greener pastures where we can all flourish. In shepherding, it’s the outliers which…