Month: February 2009

Don't breed. Especially if you're stupid.

“For most women the environment doesn’t figure at all. I was making programmes about global warming when I became pregnant with my first son, who is now 20, and it didn’t enter my head,” she says, although she can understand why Mr Porritt feels justified in raising the issue. “Benefit of a large family is ...

Cambridge, Mass. City Council has voted 9-0 to remove security camera

Citing privacy concerns, the Cambridge, Mass. City Council has voted 9-0 to remove security cameras scattered throughout the city. ‘Because of the slow erosion of our civil liberties since 9/11, it is important to raise questions regarding these cameras,’ said Marjorie Decker, a Cambridge city councilor. Rather than citing privacy, WCBVTV is running the story ...

A paradox involving trees

“Can’t see the wood for the trees” is a common phrase used as shorthand for a common problem: if we’re too close to something, it’s hard to see it in context. Thus we’re unable to see solutions which are obvious, or to think strategically since we lack a bigger-picture overview. There is no one we’re ...

I might have called this all wrong

I’ve just woken from a dream wherein technology saves mankind. But, like Africans and AIDS drugs, I can’t afford it; because I’ve chosen the subsistence solution.

Great posters

How the mighty are fallen

Hydrate the world

“A solution to world dehydration?” (via Hermione Way) I’d have made it inflatable with a drain hole myself. Brilliant idea though.