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15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently

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1. Love Vs. Fear.
2. Acceptance Vs. Resistance.
3. Forgiveness Vs. Unforgiveness.
4. Trust Vs. Doubt.
5. Meaning Vs. Ambition.
6. Praising Vs. Criticizing.
7. Challenges Vs. Problems.
8. Selflessness Vs. Selfishness.
9. Abundance Vs. Lack/poverty.
10. Dreaming Big Vs. Being Realistic.
11. Kindness Vs. Cruelty.
12. Gratitude Vs. Ingratitude.
13. Presence/ Engagement Vs. Disengagement.
14. Positivity Vs. Negativity.
15. Taking Responsibility Vs. Blaming.

via the Purpose Fairy

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