Give And Take: a proposal for ad-hoc micro-volunteering

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This was my hastily written (5 min) idea suggestion to last night:

Just come from a meeting with many amazing businesses, most of whom have small tasks which they’d like completing. And they have supporters who really want to give them help. But managing the relationship takes time end effort. Maybe we can help that.

I have the domain name which I’m happy to donate to this if anyone likes it, so have used @ogt as the handle.

A few URLS might give a quick example of how this might work, mediated by Twitter:

  • <– lists tasks that enterprisename has in taskcategory
  • <– what I’m prepared to give to easy enterprise I support
  • @gat @enterprisename #give #marketing #ux #simplicity <– how I register with my skills with @enterprisename
  • @gat #take #marketing copy written for a press release <– how @enterprisename tweets a task which is then pushed to #marketing supporters

Might be a nice use of peerindex api, too — orgs could pick the best volunteers for the job..

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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