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Kings Lynn incinerator & Zero Waste

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Today’s letter to my MP, George Freeman, PPS for Climate Science.


I know this lies slightly outside your realm, but the arguments in favour of the Kings Lynn incinerator seem to be quite simplistic.

I fully understand the need to handle out waste, but burning it seems only to remove useful and hard-won resources from the supply chain, as well as the recycling jobs and manufacturing jobs which could be based on the recovery of these resources.

The MBT centre at Cambridge suggests a far lower cost solution which keeps more future options open, and reassures the local population that we are taking the issue seriously in Norfolk.

Your constituents are moving towards zero waste lives for scientific, economic, or ethically consistent reasons. Not demonstrating responsibility at the highest levels makes a mockery of our hard work and action.

Please do what you can to prevent the building of any more incinerators in the UK, and champion the very real, very viable, and very sensible alternatives available to us.



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  1. Ed Dowding Reply

    As China limits its export of rare earth minerals, Japanese and American firms look for alternative sources… As energy expert David Fulford explains, the shift towards a “cyclic approach, in which as much as possible is recycled, and supplies are [only] topped up from resources that need to be mined, [is] a clear improvement on [today’s] linear system, where all resources for manufactured goods come from mined raw materials.”

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