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A rather lovely looking place called Old Hall Community which is looking for residents and volunteers, and a sustainability centre based at Llanfyllin Workhouse.

A few interesting things in citizen reporting and community action:

The Good Samaritan paradox via the Politics of Wellbeing. The video in part 2 is particularly good.

If you’re feeling like you’re doing your bit to make things better, be humbled by Sandra Antonovic who the 10:10 campaign have named their Top Human of the Previous 365 Days. After much deliberation and chocolate biscuits, the committee comprising Franny and Lizzie were unanimous in their decision and issued the following statement: “Frankly we don’t believe that Sandra can be just the one person, as it is impossible to comprehend how anyone could have pulled off this lot in one year:

  • Started 10:10 campaigns in 24 countries from Russia to Greece.
  • Organised 5,000 schools to plant 50,000 trees.
  • Signed up cities including Zagreb, Krapina, Nicosia and Pula (eg the town of Krapina in Croatia is modernising their street lighting and the City of Pula in Croatia are turning on/off city lights 15 minutes later/earlier each day and providing citizens with free coloured garbage bags to increase recycling levels).
  • Produced the first 10:10 checklists in braille.
  • Persuaded a board game manufacturer to produce a 10:10 board game.
  • Persuaded a regional TV company to produce the pilot of a 10:10 TV show which will feature 10 families competing to cut their emissions.”

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

Founder, strategist, writer, gadfly, TED talker, world-record holder, and (foolishly) reality-TV farmer. DOES: Innovation, Product, Advocacy THINKS: Regenerative Systems, Institution design, 300 year horizons

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