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I wonder if this is going to play out as it does in the Bible, wherein power-hungry incumbent with delusions of grandeur (and a penchant for voyeurism) shows true colours, and banishes us from every getting near such founts of knowledge again?

Paypal and Amazon have already removed their support for WikiLeaks.

God directly forbade Adam (Eve having not yet been created) to eat the fruit of this tree. A serpent tempted Eve, who was aware of the prohibition against eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge (Genesis 3:1-6). The serpent had suggested to Eve that eating the fruit would bestow wisdom upon them.

Eve and then Adam ate the forbidden fruit, and they became aware of their nakedness (Genesis 3:6-7).

After discovering their disobedience, God banished the couple from the garden in order to deny them access to the Tree of Life, which would have bestowed immortality onto them.

God cursed both the snake and the ground, obliging Adam to survive through agriculture “by the sweat of his brow.” He told the woman that her childbirth pains would be greatly increased and that the man would rule over her. God set guards at the east side of the garden to protect the way to the tree of life from Adam, Eve, and their descendants. (Genesis 3:14-24)

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