EDF – Environmentally Destructive Fuckers


EDF is not green, it’s not British.  And it spends £20m on marketing Green Britain day which is more than its annual spend on investing in new green energy (source).

  • It operates 8 nuclear power stations in the UK
  • It is the world’s largest corporate producer of toxic nuclear waste behind the US and Canada
  • Its claims around “low-carbon energy” actually refer to nuclear power that has generated 1420 tonnes of high level nuclear waste that will remain a toxic threat to the environment for hundreds of years.
  • Only 1% of EDF’s generation capacity in the UK comes from Renewables (Nuclear = 66%, Coal = 28%, Gas = 5%).
  • EDF’s electricity generated from their coal fired power stations is responsible for over 20m tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Over the last 6 years EDF spent a yearly average of £4.98 per customer building new green energy – this puts them in 5th place amongst the ‘Big 6’

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

Founder, strategist, writer, gadfly, TED talker, world-record holder, and (foolishly) reality-TV farmer. DOES: Innovation, Product, Advocacy THINKS: Regenerative Systems, Institution design, 300 year horizons

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