Art of the Start

  1. The Art of Starting
    • Make meaning
    • Ask women
    • Get going
  2. The Art of Positioning
    • Seize the high ground
    • Make it personal
    • Niche thyself
  3. The Art of Pitching
    • Explain in the first minute
    • Answer the little man
    • 10 slides
      • Title
      • Problem
      • Solution
      • Business model
      • Underlying magic
      • Marketing and sales
      • Competition
      • Team
      • Projections
      • Status and timeline
    • 20 minutes
    • 30 point font
  4. The Art of Writing a Business Plan
    • Pitch then plan
    • Focus on the executive summary
    • Write deliberate, act emergent
  5. The Art of Raising Capital
    • Build a real business
    • Get an intro
    • Clean up your act
  6. The Art of Bootstrapping
    • Manage for cash flow, not profitability
    • Build a bottom-up forecast
    • Focus on function, not form
  7. The Art of Recruiting
    • Hire infected people
    • Double check your gut
    • Apply the shopping center test
  8. The Art of Partnering
    • Partner for “spreadsheet” reasons
    • Ensure that middles and bottoms like the deal
    • Cut win-win deals
  9. The Art of Branding
    • Create a contagion
    • Lower the barriers to adoption
    • Foster a community
  10. The Art of Rainmaking
    • Let a hundred flowers blossom
    • Suck down
    • Go after agnostics
  11. The Art of Being a Mensch
    • Help a lot of people
    • Do what’s right
    • Pay back society

Summary of Art of the Start, by Guy Kawasaki

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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