Link round-up

  • New music service, Mog:
  • Danish Island Declares Energy Independence, Becomes Self Sufficient
    This is not a green party voting, hippy commune, but an island of normal farmers convinced by a green-energy guru to give energy independence a try. He saw the closure of one of the island’s main businesses — a slaughterhouse employing 100 people — as an opportunity to turn crisis into opportunity. Following a national competition to produce green energy, an engineer from the Danish city of Arrhus won, and began to create an energy association on the island. Those investing in the wind turbines are now making a profit, with one farmer who owns his own turbine able to make up to €3,000 a day following a €2.5 million investment
  • Paul Chatteron – social activisim dude
  • Lists of  cognitive biases
  • Sellsumers

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Ed Dowding

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