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The bank of the far shore is beautiful, but the turbulent river hides all but a few stepping stones. Courage. More will appear as you move. Ed Dowding, 18 June 2013

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Education is a blinder.

More of us are sufficiently well educated to see the problem, but too well educated to see the solution.

Chickens are noisy. Children are noisy. Is there a link?

You know how chickens have been selected for those who cluck and make a hell of a noise when they lay an egg, so we know where to find it? Are children so loud for similar reasons?

Remove lead from fuel and violence declines dramatically. Imagine how much more peaceful and healthy the planet would be if we removed fossil fuels from society?

Turkeys will vote for Christmas if it’s advertised to them enough.

Historical re-imagining

I’ve always loved a Knight’s Tale. It’s fun and real, telling human stories. Which is where it’s at, really. And this is similarly awesome. So here’s a great video of men with cellos. Then the Knight’s Tale scene. Then a link to a post which far better articulates that which I wanted to write here ...


Ruby from Emma Allen on Vimeo. An animated self-portrait exploring the idea of rebirth and illustrating the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another. I painted this stop frame animation on myself over 5 days, using some face paints, a mirror and a camera. Story & Performance – Emma Allen Photography & ...

Zen courage.

The banks of the far shore are beautiful, but the turbulent river hides all but a few stepping stones. Courage. More will appear as you move.

Playing the spoons to Faithless’ Insomnia

Darwin on marriage.

On Darwin’s list of the disadvantages of being married: A married man could never go up in a balloon. On balance, probably better than having a dog.

The Generals by Shel Silverstein

Said General Clay to General Gore, “Oh must we fight this silly war? To kill and die is such a bore.” “I quite agree,” said General Gore. Said General Gore to General Clay, “We could go to the beach today And have some ice cream on the way.” “A grand idea,” said General Clay. Said ...

Let the river run

We’re coming to the edge,Running on the water,Coming through the fog,Your sons and daughters. Let the river run,Let all the dreamersWake the nation.Come, the New Jerusalem. Silver cities rise,The morning lightsThe streets that meet them,And sirens call them onWith a song. It’s asking for the taking.Trembling, shaking.Oh, my heart is aching. We’re coming to the ...

Euro, systems, design..

Design to an ideology and it will fail. Design for people and it will thrive.

Toy Story

Amon Tobin visual

I would love to see this. UNfortunately it’s sold out.


The most rational way to feed ourselves is as locally as possible. This means fresh, nutritious, sustainably-produced food. Such a food system also creates jobs, livelihoods, and a strong local economy; more people know each other, education and health standards rise, crime falls, wildlife flourishes, and people are more fulfilled. Not A Supermarket

How to run a Responsible Society

Ricardo Semler on How to run a Responsible Society

Great data, beautifully used – Snake oil?

People doing wonderful things with data always gives me a little excitement. The Snake Oil? graphic from Information is Beautiful made me very happy indeed. Useful and beautiful.

Country Man