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£3m Community energy fund divesting funds British Gas is committed to distributing £3m via the energyshare fund to community renewable projects over the next 3 years. energyshare really wants to hear from all types of communities across Britain. A registered community group can apply for up to £100,000, and all they ask is that projects: ...

Masters of the Universe

and a bonus one, because it’s an interesting thought:

Job vacancy: Are you passionate about rural communities?

Communities Assistant Salary: £19,000 – £21,500 Location: Woodstock, Oxfordshire The Plunkett Foundation has been changing lives in rural communities since 1919. We work as strategic partners with numerous government departments, funders and support organisations. We are the only national organisation providing dedicated support and expertise to rural communities who wish to set-up and run a ...

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Hopefully quite a lot, because I just stumbled across this, and I like the sound of it. DOWDING: The given name is a derivative of the Olde English verb “dugan”, to be of use, avail, and was developed from an earlier byname or nickname, such as “the useful or helpful one”. ...

Give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes and living in the jungle

In man’s evolution he has created the cities and the motor traffic rumble, but give me half a chance and I’d be taking off my clothes and living in the jungle. Quite a fun little thing from the Darwin pages at the Open University which allows you to take a photo and see yourself as ...

Dan & Dan’s Festive WikiLeaks Song

httpv:// Dan and Dan » Blog Archive » Dan & Dan’s Festive WikiLeaks Song. – Fun with Wordplay is a daily wordplay game of analogies that fosters abstract and creative thought. And funny as hell, to boot.

Merchant Bank that threatened to leave UK ‘just went round corner and waited’ | NewsBiscuit

Merchant Bank that threatened to leave UK ‘just went round corner and waited’ A bank that had insisted it would quit the country over reforms to the financial sector, was found this afternoon, safe and well outside Canon Street Tube Station. Passer-by, Sarah Evans, noticed the bank hovering around the entrance to the District Line, ...

Convenience will kill you.

YouTube – PLASTIC STATE OF MIND – Black Friday Parody.

Why are you here?

Funniest ever 'Lost' sign

Lost Sign Of The Day |

Is this evidence that we can see the future?

Extraordinary claims don’t come much more extraordinary than this: events that haven’t yet happened can influence our behaviour. It describes a series of experiments involving more than 1000 student volunteers. In most of the tests, Bem took well-studied psychological phenomena and simply reversed the sequence, so that the event generally interpreted via Is this evidence ...

'Global Warming' may still be a problem

“I was a bit surprised by our findings, because I, along with the rest of my colleagues, thought that the process of fixing climate change ended soon after [2007 rock concert] Live Earth,” CGD assistant director George Oliver told reporters. “But it turns out that the things needed to stop it, like substantive energy legislation, ...

Facebook relationship data

Neat graph. Facebook shows why you might get dumped before Xmas | Technically Incorrect – CNET News.

3 minute spelt bread

Is there a word for things which are brilliant exemplars of themselves?

Whatever it is, I’ll bet it will start with id__


It seems I’m rather late to finding this channel, which I’m really enjoying. I like the format. It’s simple, effective, and makes me want a brother. A geek brother. I also like the idea of a catchy song to disseminate an idea… *mulls* [UPDATE: The player below doesn’t work for some reason so try] ...


A great story, but more importantly a really interesting one.. Stuxnet is a worm (computer virus) which has been designed – by a very good team for about 6 months – to do a very specific job. But what is that job?

Help fund the Do Lectures by designing a poster

The Do Lectures is here to give talks away *Free to the world. To inspire. To share ideas. To see if there’s a better way of doing stuff. But *Free costs. That’s why we sell tickets to the event, Do an auction and yes, sell posters. The feel for the poster should be: Positive, Inspiring, Uplifting. Message: ...

Walking across America