Things I’ve been reading: 24th October 2021


Designing a Collaborative Computing System between Data Science and Engineering for Indigo Carbon

IndigoAg has embarked on an ambitious project that seeks to quantify the amount of carbon stored in agricultural soils and then turn those credits into financial capital.
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How to measure the climate performance potential of startups

Suddenly, everyone in VC is talking about CO2 drawdown potential. As a more general trend, public markets and corporations talk about ESG and jump on purpose-driven communication.
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Carbon accounting startups are here to help your business get to net zero. Are they any good?

Companies of all sizes are committing to ‘net zero’ — the holy grail sustainability status where carbon emissions are balanced out through reduction, removals and offsets. To get there, they’ll need to spend a fair bit of money on measuring their carbon footprints.
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Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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