Things I’ve been reading: 4th July 2021


Study: A quarter of adults don’t want children — and they’re still happy

Parenting is one of life’s greatest joys, right? Not for everyone. New research from Michigan State University psychologists examines characteristics and satisfaction of adults who don’t want children.
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#162: Minimum Viable Self

Two decades ago, before social media existed, Zygmunt Bauman articulated a perfect description of how it would soon shape our behavior and frame our relationships to one another.
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The New York City Co-op in the 22nd Century

Ever wonder what New York City co-op living will be like 100 years from now? In his new science fiction novel, New York 2140, best-selling author Kim Stanley Robinson offers a two-fold answer: co-op living will be drastically different, yet also shockingly familiar.
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Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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