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Staples To Offer 3D Printing Services

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This is a big (albeit totally expected) deal. Sit up and pay attention if you aren’t already. As Chris Anderson (Mr TED talks / Wired) recently said: 3D printing is going to be bigger than the internet.

Mcor and Staples announced today a deal in which Mcor will supply their paper-based 3D printers to Staples Copy Centers worldwide. Staples customers will be able to upload their 3D model and pick up the printed object at their local copy center. The rollout starts in The Netherlands and Belgium in 1Q 2013 and then opens up in other countries.

Staples To Offer 3D Printing Services – Slashdot.

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  1. I did this two weeks ago. You can upload the print to salptes website and pick it up. Get a poster frame at Micheal’s with a coupon. Cheap art. So fun!

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