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My MP strives for growth, quite possibly by selling your medical data to the pharmaceutical industry:

The Department of Health should examine how to unlock the value of the UK’s goldmine of patient data – the holy grail of modern biomedical research worth billions to the Pharma industry.

He’s also keen to invest in road and rail rather than the far more sensible and worthwhile renewable energy infrastructure which would lower our costs and give opportunity to be industrial leaders in green-tech design and production.

I would add siding-scale regulation to his request that we

scrap the endless form filling, set clear simple rules with random checks, heavy penalties for those who don’t comply, and watch business comply. It works with TV licenses; why not try it for Health and Safety?

And agree wholeheartedly with his conclusion that

We in Government don’t have to start the businesses, just create the conditions for entrepreneurs in the private – and public – sector, who will gladly do it for us.

However since the Government is responsible for creating and shaping those conditions, they also implicitly shape the response of the private sector. It would thus be useful if he could be more explicit in the goals he hopes the Governments conditions will help us reach. At the very least he should define what he means by ‘growth’, since it does seem to form the crux of his vision.

Do you know what your MP is striving for?

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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