Time to use those ‘insurance files’ on Rupert Murdoch?


Julian Assange Says He Has ‘Insurance Files’ on Rupert Murdoch. If he does, now seems like a good time to use them:

The BBC have just revealed that Ofcom thinks there are big problems with Murdoch’s BSkyB power grab. Their report says the Competition Commission needs to be involved.

But Jeremy Hunt is refusing to make the report public. Instead, he’s been locked in secret meetings with Murdoch’s people..

Things could move very quickly – Jeremy Hunt could give Rupert Murdoch the go-ahead in the next couple of days. We need to flood our MPs with messages telling them to speak out and tell Jeremy Hunt we won’t stand for another Murdoch stitch-up.

Write to your MP about this now. It’s kind of important.

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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