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British high-end chocolate maker and retailer Hotel Chocolat, wants to expand even further. But rather than turning to banks or big investors for money, they’re inviting customer to buy bonds. Bonds that will pay chocolate returns.  Two values of Chocolate Bond will be issued: both with the return paid in monthly Tasting Boxes. Holders of a GBP 2,000 Chocolate Bond will receive six free tasting boxes a year worth GBP 107.70 per year, which comes down to a 5.38% return.

Source: http://www.springwise.com/retail/chocolatebond/

WhipCar enables London car owners to rent out their cars while they’re not using them. There is no registration fee to use the site’s online booking system, and owners set their own prices. WhipCar notifies owners by text and email when there is an approved driver in their area who wants to use their car; both cars and drivers are screened by WhipCar before a booking is completed. Every trip, meanwhile, is fully insured through a comprehensive insurance package that temporarily replaces the owner’s existing insurance for the duration of hire. Following the end of a rental, both owners and drivers have the chance to rate each other.

Source: http://www.springwise.com/automotive/whipcar/

And finally, very similar to something we saw here in France recently where a distiller sets up in the village and locals bring barrels of fermented fruit to be turned into eau de vie, a British company has created a truck offering mobile bottling for small brewers.  It’s a full bottling service for other brewers as well, including everything from pre-production bottle washing through a range of bottle capping options, labelling and finally shrink-wrapping.

Source: http://www.springwise.com/food_beverage/tomwood/

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