So much for the green economy…

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As the Governmner cancels solar panel grants:

Renewable energy companies have accused the government of undermining its own “green” industrial strategy by ending subsidies for solar energy under the low carbon buildings programme (LCBP).

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) said it was “astonishing” and worrying that solar grants had been frozen since 26 February although there was still money in the building programme’s budget.

“This latest disaster in the low carbon buildings programme is completely at odds with the green new deal we hear so much about,” said Philip Wolfe, the director general of the REA.

“We are talking about relatively small sums to support UK manufacturing, technological innovation and local jobs. This is an industry with a very bright future and a key contributor to the low-carbon future we are aiming for,” he added.

…The government department, which only days ago launched a new green industrial strategy with great ministerial fanfare, denied last night that any definite decision had been made about the cash that was still available inside the LCBP budget.

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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