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DNA / Europe rocks the free world!

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DNA database ‘breach of rights’ — Two British men should not have had
their DNA and fingerprints retained by police, the European Court of
Human Rights has ruled.

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  1. Dear CNN please note that it is English law that was challenged and not Scots Law. in Scotland i understand that the law says that these DNA and fingerprints are destroyed at the request of the person whose DNA/Prints have been taken as part of an investigation and they are not charged. England is not Britain!
    i wonder if all of those supporting the retention (police and someMPs) have volunteered their DNA etc. perhaps it should be a requirement that anyone seeking public office or working an a public service should have their DNA and prints taken and stored.

  2. Ah I didn’t know that. Once again, Scots law shows itself to be way ahead of English law. Wasn’t it also used as a basis for war crimes trials or something, too?

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