Migration policy suggestions from “The Strange Death of Europe”


Summary of the suggestions outlined by Douglas Murray in his bookThe Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam:

  1. Actually try to make it nicer where they are
  2. Admit there’s nothing wrong with being proud of being European
  3. Offer temporary asylum only, where appropriate
  4. Pay for refugees to do work in Middle Eastern countries
  5. Decide who has legitimate claims to asylum before they arrive in Europe
  6. Deport those without a viable claim
  7. Acknowledge whatever errors have been made in pro-immigration arguments so far, primarily:
    1. Demographic offset: to counter our aging population, whilst failing to acknowledge that the immigrant population will also age
    2. Diversity: is great, but there is a diminishing return. The 5,000,000th immigrant probably doesn’t add as much that the 500th did.
  8. Stop branding ALL concerns as fascism since it supresses the more rational debate. Don’t, however, shy away at all from naming fascism for what it is wherever it occurs.

Posted here without judgement, and for easy reference.

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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