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The European Union (EU) is co-funding a $2.8m (£1.8m) publicity campaign to convince UK residents that organic food is good.

According to the industry body, the Organic Trade Board (OTB), the aim is to democratise organic foods and make people aware of their benefits.

In other words, the OTB wants people to buy more organic produce.

The board will be running advertising campaigns for nine months of the year over the next three years, entitled: Why I Love Organic.

They want to put across the message that there is nothing elitist about organic foods and to highlight what they consider to be the advantages, both to a person’s health and to the environment.

Why people currently buy organic food:

  • Natural/unprocessed – 40%
  • Restricted use of pesticides – 34%
  • Better taste – 30%
  • Better for health – 28%
  • Better for the planet – 25%
  • Kind to animals – 22%
  • GM free – 18%
  • Encourages wildlife – 16%
  • Helping climate change – 12%

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