Turn off your unused mobile phone charger and save equivalent energy for 3 weeks of TV.

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Charging a mobile for 1 hour uses 2 watts.

Leaving the mobile connected to the charger after the battery is full for 7 hours uses 14 watts.

Leaving the charger plugged in and turned on, but not connected to the mobile for 16 hours uses 24 watts.

Over 1 year you use 14.6KWh.

Turning the charger off when you’re done is equivalent to watching a 32” LCDTV (170W) for 1 hour per day for 11 weeks, or boiling a kettle over 100 times (1500W kettle taking 5 minutes to boil).

via Mobile Phone Energy Saving Adapter, cuts to power to your charger when your mobile battery is full.

(I’m not recommending the product, mind you – I suspect there’s more embodied energy in there than you’d save. Just turn off the plug.)

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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