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1 acre of land = £43,000 income per year for about 30 days work..

Every time they harvested anything from their modest 1600 square foot (150 square metre) garden, they recorded it and compiled these figures into a spreadsheet and came up with an amazing 834 lb (380kg) of total harvest.

From this they computed three sets of prices, comparing what the produce would have cost if bought:

  • A regular grocery store would have charged £1500
  • Their farmers’ market would have charged £1760
  • An organic grocery store would have charged £1850

If you extended Roger’s garden to a larger area you would find that it yielded £43,000 of consumer-sold crop per acre.

By any standards that is very high and it serves to highlight just how efficient home gardening is.  We hear a lot in the news at the moment about looming world food problems, yet few people link this to the vast patchwork of land in homes and cities.  When these are mentioned there is often an assumption that they would be less productive than farm land, yet this is clearly not the case.  Intensive urban gardening is high-yield, high-value and highly good for the environment!

Source: How much is your garden worth?

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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