Investing In Lawsuits Beats the Street

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There’s a company investing law suits and getting at 20% return. Whilst that’s quite a good idea in a way (it allows people to fight against those with bigger budgets) it’s also a sure sign that the system is broken.

Here’s a proposed solution from a reader on Slashdot:

  1. Abolish legally binding precedent. The accepted interpretation of a law should be a consensus among the legal community, not a decision of one moron 150 years ago.
  2. Hire someone competent to rewrite the laws, aiming for clarity and precision.
  3. Law should be treated like software: any and all changes should be incorporated into the text, not distributed as amendments. The current legal system looks like Linux 0.01 with all the patches distributed separately up to 2.6.30, and you can win a case by confusing the judge and your opponent into forgetting a critical patch.
  4. Make the up to date text of every law easily accessible and searchable by anyone.
  5. If you find there is no law for something new, like, say, the internet, say so. Don’t torture existing unrelated laws fo fit the new situation.
  6. Arguments should be based on merit, not qualifications and the overuse of jargon.

I’m sure there’s more we could do, but these should solve the big problems.

via Slashdot Comments | Investing In Lawsuits Beats the Street.

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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  1. I’m considering investing in lawsuits and have been reading about the percentages and different companies. If you are an investor and the company mismanages the case load and invests in bad suits, your investment disappears. There are also different types of investment ” ” that you can read in this article.

    If you read the NY Times or WSJ they would shed a horrible light on this industry.

    If the laws were set-up like software, there would still be bugs. However if those people writing the laws can easily identify the bugs, perhaps you could get a quick fix.

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