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Damn you all to hell!

Astonishing that in the Financial Crash of 2008, the $700bn = $104 for EVERYONE on the planet. Damn you, unbridled capitalism and dumb systems.

98 months

Only 98 months to go until we’re reach the fork in the road which gives climate change the positive feedback it needs to kills billions of people! 1. Sign this: 2. Watch this:

Tropic Thunder

is hilarious!

Artemis Quadrathlon

Here’s the BBC Adventure Show take on the Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon I competed in earlier this year. There’s a hukka from yours truly at about 1m30s, and a few other clips here and there.

Ad for a funeral company

This is a great ad for a funeral arrangements company!


I need to blog more. Or less. Maybe just better quality.

The modern shape of Universities

A thought provoking comment from the Slashsot comments: “Google started off running on Stanford equipment, and was spun off, as happens frequently at Stanford. Sun and Cisco also started with Stanford people and equipment. Stanford has become a real estate company and a venture capital firm that runs a university on the side for the ...

There's going to be a bloody revolution

“The decree says the aim is to centralize and analyze data on people aged 13 or above who are active in politics or labor unions, who play a significant institutional, economic, social or religious role, or who are “likely to breach public order.” The information that can be collected includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, ...

Democracy becomes a plebocratic

“OhBoyObama! is a new website that allows you to submit your ideas for the campaign and vote on ideas submitted by other Obama supporters. It’s like Digg for campaign strategy – the best ideas get voted to the top. Just go to , register as a new user, and start voting or submit your ...

Go Michelle!

This is a WONDERFUL speech by Michelle Obama:

30% of the workforce will retire in 10 years.

As the baby boomers shuffle along the mortal coil, and the Polish trot home having turned lead (Pb) into gold, the workforce is going to diminish by 30% in the next 10 years. The question is, does this mean we have a skills shortage, an environmentally and economically healthy drop in demand and supply across ...

Funny as hell. Wait until the end!

Here’s a chap driving on Salvia:

Welcome the new robot overlords


What is my role?

Ollie and I were talking a while back about how good it would be if we told each other more how we really perceive each other. But sometimes we find it hard, for all sorts of reasons. There’s an related post to be written about tarot cards, but, until then, I happened upon this way ...

We just have to change the game

Last FM

Last FM ( is awesome, and has been for years. I was just considering how MuxTape ( integrates with it, and if it would do anything cool with my Loved Tracks. But looking around I see they’ve gone one better / in a different direction. They now offer podcasts! How completely awesome is that?!? So ...

1.3m seconds to live Bugger.

Effective States

I heard Ashraf Ghani yesterday on the Global Business podcast from the BBC ( There’s an interesting conversation about mobile phones and micro-funding in Afghanistan, amongst others. He has a kind of Yunis approach to the Economic Hitman problem, and has set up the Institute for State Effectiveness (, which in turn has some good ...

Oxytocin news

Telling people about oxytocin is a particular favourite of mine, since I think we should all be aware of the factors influencing our feelings, especially if we’re about to make life decisions. An interesting update to this was sent to me today, about a study in rats: “… these results suggest that oxytocin release, ...

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