Where does the civic get its power from?

Monarchy (old)Brute force, or Divine AppointmentKnights, barons etc
ReligionGodBishops, clergy
GovernmentLawLords, Ministers, civil service
DemocracyMajority Judiciary
TyrannyForce, money, fearMilitary / the corrupt
CapitalismMarkets / the blind handEnterprise
CommunismBelief, fearCivil service, local officials
Civic / peopleBelief, hope?????

Random notes (to write up at some time, maybe):

  • The civic needs a mechanism of value exchange
  • Groups need trust , shared values, dispute resolution
  • If you devoted your life to the civic, historically one might have relied on gift economy > now you’d be a homeless bum
  • Volunteer coin
  • How would a secular priesthood work?

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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