Biggest news of the decade: Body repair 'could be ramped up'

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Quite amazing.

“A combination of drugs could trick the body into sending its repair
mechanisms into overdrive, say scientists. The technique could be used
to speed the healing of heart or bone damage, they claim. The bone
marrow of treated mice released 100 times as many stem cells – which
help to regenerate tissue. ”

The way this is on the BBC website as a small story reminds me of a
part in a science fiction novel (Red Mars is the one it brings to
mind, but others also apply) where the scientists announce some
research they’ve been doing on cell repair. In Red Mars, it’s only a
page long, and used as a plot device to allow the main characters to
live long enough to allow the full story of colonising Mars to play
out. But I’ll bet this is the biggest news of the decade in terms of
historical impact.

Ed Dowding

Ed Dowding

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